big boys don`t cry

If  there is a sudden decline in the readership of this blog, It is because 83% of the readers, i.e. my wife, is now very busy.

I have mentioned it before, that she have managed the set up and is now exec head chef of a very exciting restaurant opening in soho.  Soft opening starts this sunday and she is there around the clock, trying to get it all ready. The restaurant looks amazing, and the food will be too, I am going there on saturday, and I will be the first costumer to be served there. Very exciting.

Back in my little project, some hard news – it seems that getting the lease signed will take much longer than I thought.

 Readers of this blog will remember the difficulties we had establishing the actual property number, and I am sorry to say that this is as much progress as we had so far. My lawyer is frustrated, The estate agent has had enough with my hourly phone calls and I am developing a nervous tic in my right eyelid.

At this rate, it will take a couple of months or more to get the lease signed, that is if it will happen at all. I had some really hard days this week, I was starting to lose momentum and faith. I didn’t get much sympathy from my friends, what I got is this –  No one thought it will be easy, if you start weeping now, you might as well give up because this is the easy part, so stop crying like a little girl and man the f— up.

So I do.

If any little girls reading this, I want to apologize on behalf of my friends. I am sure most of you never cry at all, and it is just a few bad apples that gave you this reputation.


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