chairs in paradise

No luck with the bread yet. Because I didn’t make any. I ended up running up and down town looking at furniture, equipment and more furniture.

I saw some really good chairs In Kensal Green of all places, which goes to show that anything can happen. For those of you who have never heard of it, Kensal Green is a north London suburb, most famed , if I can use that term, for its Victorian graveyard and a pub called paradise.

 Not a joke.

My designer friend sent me there to a salvage shop – I suppose the graveyard location naturally attracts salvage shops, And the place itself does have that graveyard feel, but in a good way.  I saw some chairs I really liked, reasonably priced and there were enough of them, but it felt silly to buy them before I signed the lease. What do I do with 27 stools if the deal doesn’t go through? But what if I lose them? something to think about this weekend.

Scary how fast this week went, and how little got done.